Cats Seeking Foster Homes

Below are some of the cats in our care that currently need foster homes. Our situation is fluid – cats coming and going on a regular basis. We post our cats needing foster homes as soon as possible, and typically need foster homes for other cats who are not posted yet.

If you are interested in becoming a cat foster, please complete an application.

Cats Recently Placed in Fosters Homes

Thank you to those who opened up their homes to foster these cats.


Thank you Joao for fostering Ripley!

Ripley’s Personality

Ripley is a cute tuxedo cat with a strong, but very friendly personality. She is an outgoing, curious girl. Ripley loves people, even visitors. She not […]


Samantha has been adopted!

Samantha’s Personality

Samantha is an absolute doll! This sweet and petite girl loves people and greets everyone with a big hello…rubbing up against you and asking to be petted. Samantha […]

Sammy and Sabrina

Thank you Tessa for fostering Sammy, and Carolyn for fostering Sabrina.

Their Personalities

Sammy and Sabrina are friendly, adorable kitties. We assume they are siblings. They were fostered together for a couple of weeks […]


Thank you Michelle for fostering Bear!

Bear’s Personality

Bear is a big grey kitty who is a teddy bear. He loves getting and giving attention to his caretakers.

Type of Foster Home Bear Needs

Bear needs […]


Thank you Tessa for fostering Toast. Update: Toast has been adopted!

Toast is a handsome orange tabby and the last of Milk’s kittens who still needs a home. As most young males, he […]


Thank you Ramona for fostering Milk. Update: Milk has been adopted!

Milk’s Personality

Milk is a very sweet 2 year old buff and white female. She has a very sweet temperament and loves being […]


Thank you Debbie for caring for Smokey!

SMOKEY is one of the lucky ones – […]


Thank you Anastasia for fostering Ripley!

Ripley’s Personality

Ripley is a cute petite girl who will charm you with her friendly demeanor. She is not shy about greeting strangers who show they want to […]

Daisy Scout

Thank you Renee for fostering Daisy Scout. Update: She has been adopted!

DAISY SCOUT (nicknamed Mama Bear) is the epitome of a sweet, beautiful, well-mannered, loving cat! This petite girl will amaze you […]


Thank you Rebecca for fostering Luna!

LUNA is an adorable brown tabby who is lucky someone had been looking out for her.

Luna is a sweet, playful young kitty (about 7 months old). She […]


Thank you Patrick for fostering Prince!

PRINCE is a sweet boy. All he wants is a nice, warm, loving forever home to call his own. He will need a little time to adapt to […]


Thank you Lilly for agreeing to foster Roxanne! Update: She has been adopted!

ROXANNE is a tiny girl weighing only about 6 1/2 pounds. She is a sweet, quiet girl. She loves to be […]


Update: Tiramisu has been adopted!

TIRAMISU is a sweet little Siamese cat who wants nothing more than some loving in a happy home. As her name implies (a creamy dessert of espresso soaked […]

Appa and Sassy

Thank you Jaran for fostering and then adopting the girls!

APPA and SASSY are big fluffy Ragdoll sisters who are looking for a new life. They are very sweet girls who both like belly […]

Chatty Cathy

Thank you Ash and Tessa for fostering Chatty Cathy! Update: She has been adopted!

CHATTY CATHY is a very sweet, affectionate cat. She is a petite girl who loves being petted and getting […]


Thank you Rebecca for fostering Ginger!

GINGER is an adorable brown tabby girl who will melt your heart. She is lucky to have been rescued from outdoors before she gave birth to three […]

Poe & Tate

POE and TATE are sweet, loving kittens who have had a very rough start in life. But you would never know that by their sweet dispositions and resilient personalities.

Like other kittens, they […]

Harry & Harriett

Thank you Nobu and Teresa for fostering then adopting these kittens!

Harry and Harriett are sweet, loving and playful kittens. They are very friendly with people and curious about the world around them. […]

Amber and Duncan

Update: Amber and Duncan have been adopted!

Amber and Duncan are 5 year old siblings whose caretaker recently passed away. Duncan is a handsome long haired black kitty; his sister, Amber, is a […]

Trudi and Taylor

Update: Trudi and Taylor have been adopted!

Trudi and Taylor are 9 year old sisters. They are both very sweet and affectionate. Trudi is a dilute calico. Taylor is a grey/white tabby.

Their life-long […]


Thank you Michael for fostering Sage and adopting her!

SAGE is a pretty brown tabby girl who is as friendly as can be. She greets everyone she meets, rubbing up again you, purring […]


Thank you Rebecca for fostering Smokey.

SMOKEY is the sweetest cat! He just wants to be loved. Smokey was found by a kind woman who noticed him coming for the food she leaves […]

Smudge and Panther

Thank you Melissa and Ron, and your family, for fostering Panther and Smudge. They will be ready for adoption soon.

PANTHER and SMUDGE are sweet cats who just came into our care. They […]

Peyton, Percy and Inca

Thank you Michelle for fostering Peyton, and Ron for fostering Inca and Percy. All adopted!

PEYTON is a very sweet grey and white kitty with a cute ‘beauty mark’ by her nose. This […]


Thank you Bethany for fostering Dahlia!

DAHLIA is a friendly, outgoing 1 year old kitty who came into our care pregnant. She is a curious kitty who comes right out of the carrier […]

Binx and Callie

Thank you Annabelle for fostering Binx and Callie. Update: adopted!

BINX and CALLIE are sweetest, friendliest cats! They settled into their foster home in just a couple of days, checking things out and […]


Thank you Emily for fostering Charlie! Update: Adopted!

CHARLIE is a fluffy boy with a very soft coat. He’s a very friendly boy who is very affectionate. Charlie is still adjusting to his […]


Thank you Laura and Kitty for fostering Ella! And thank you Laura for adopting her!

ELLA is a very friendly, confident kitty. She adapts right away to new people and new places…like she’s […]


Thank you Debbie for fostering Gracie! Update…she has been adopted!

GRACIE is a sweet senior kitty. Her photo may make her look a little grumpy, but she is a happy girl.

Gracie may be […]

Odie and Pookie

Thank you Ron and your family for fostering these boys! Update…they have been adopted!

ODIE and POOKIE are super sweet brothers. They got their names from characters in the Garfield cartoon. They are super […]

Salty & Sammy

Thank you Bethany for fostering these kitties. Update…they have been adopted!

SALTY AND SAMMY are a fun and interactive pair. It’s hard to believe they are litter mates since they don’t share any […]


Thank you Mandy for fostering Jasper! Update…Jasper has been adopted (by Mandy)!

JASPER is friendly, confident and curious boy who is a real ladies man! He loves to follow his foster mom around […]


Thank you Geneva for fostering Luna! Update…Luna has been adopted!

Now out of intensive care…

LUNA is estimated to be about 5 months old. She came to use weighing a little over 3 pounds […]

Smores and Smokey

Thank you Missy and Jim for fostering the girls. Update…the girls have been adopted!

S’MORES AND SMOKEY are adorable, moderately-active sisters. They like to follow their foster family around and play with any […]


Thank you Inger for fostering, then adopting, Georgie!

GEORGIE came into our care with a urinary blockage.  If not addressed, this condition is fatal because toxins back up into the cat’s kidneys.  The […]

Phoebe (aka Fifi)

Thank you Michelle for fostering Fifi! Update…Fifi has been adopted!

PHOEBE (aka Fifi) is an adorable blue-grey kitty with the cutest round face. She is a sweet girl who will need a little […]


Thank you Mandy for fostering Myrrh. No more foster homes needed – Myrrh has been adopted!

MYRRH is a very friendly boy who loves everyone he meets. He is very confident and settles into […]


No foster home or Guardian Angels needed – Jax has been adopted!

JAX is a friendly, loving and playful boy (a big Maine Coon-mix!). All he really wants is: a full belly; a safe, […]

Loki and Thor

Thank you Bushra and Quasim for fostering and then adopting these sweet boys!

LOKI & THOR are a SUPER sweet pair of brothers who love to be together. When people aren’t around they […]


Thank you Ruth for fostering Murphy!

MURPHY is a friendly, people-oriented cat looking to steal your heart. He is a playful boy who enjoys his toys, playing chase with other cats, and occasional […]


Thank you Manu for fostering and then adopting Sierra.

SIERRA is a very friendly, curious kitty who loves to hang out with people. She came into our care with three newborn kittens (one adopted, […]

Cat Foster Responsibilities

Rescuing cats in need requires foster homes – people like you to take in cats and care for them until they are adopted. Fostering cats is very rewarding. You provide the nurturing and assist in the adoption process and we provide the vet care and most of the necessary supplies.

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