Thank you Michael for fostering Sage and adopting her!

SAGE is a pretty brown tabby girl who is as friendly as can be. She greets everyone she meets, rubbing up again you, purring and asking to be petted. We will learn more about Sage’s personality and needs once she settles into a foster home.

How did this sweet cat end up living in the parking lot of a gas station in rural VA?

Sage is tipped ear so someone had her spayed, then put her back outside. A kind woman from this area happened to stop at the gas station only to see this sweet cat eating fast food from the ground in the parking lot. Knowing this was no place for a cat to be, she easily lured Sage into her car with more food. This woman drove around the area looking to see if there were any residences nearby. Finding none, she drove back home with Sage in the car knowing he needed a safe indoor home.