SPCA NOVA publishes our print newsletter, Paws & Effect, once or twice a year. We also occasionally send out an e-newsletter, A Brief Paws. Our newsletters enable us to tell stories about the cats and dogs we rescue. They also provide us an opportunity to share our knowledge about issues that may help you care for your own cats and dogs. We hope our stories inspire you to join us in helping cats, dogs, and people in our community.

Past print newsletters are available to read via PDF. Our e-newsletter and select print newsletter stories are available to read online.

Paws & Effect – Winter 2023 (PDF)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2022 (PDF)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2021 (PDF)

  • Ode to a ‘Prairie Dog’ Beagle (dog)
  • President’s Letter – A Bumpy Road Back
  • Giving Tuesday Raises Money to Help Animals (cat/dog)
  • Against All Odds: How a Foster Family, Tiny Mom Cat Saved So Many Kittens (cat)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2020 (PDF)

  • The Taming of the Mew: How SPCA NOVA, King Street Cats Are Socializing Four Feral Kittens (cat)
    • How to Tell Kitten’s Age (cat)
    • Progress Report: Two Months after Rescue (cat)
  • President’s Letter – Pandemic’s Impact on Adoptions
  • Keep Your Pet Happy, Safe during Holidays (cat/dog)
  • ‘Smile’ Even More when You Shop
  • Celebrating a Golden Jubilee (dog)
  • Kitten Gets into Hole Lot of Trouble (cat)
  • Dogs Rescued from Hoarding (dog)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2019 (PDF)

  • Preparing for Unexpected Vet Bills (cat/dog)
    • Breed-Specific Health Concerns (cat/dog)
  • President’s Letter – We’ve Come a Long Way!
  • Finding a Perfect Match, Twice (dog)
  • Have You Seen this Cat? (cat)
  • Two Senior Dogs Get Second Chance (dog)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2018 (PDF)

Paws & Effect – Summer 2018 (PDF)

  • Indoor-Only Cats Need Vet Care, Too (cat)
  • President’s Letter – Foster Homes Critical to Our Work
  • In Case of Emergency, Be Prepared (cat/dog)
  • Davin’s Journey: A Story of Rescue through One Cat’s Eyes (cat)
  • When Harry Met Melissa (dog)

A Brief Paws – Spring 2018 (e-newsletter)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2017-18 (PDF)

Paws & Effect – Summer 2017 (PDF)

A Brief Paws – March/April 2017 (e-newsletter)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2016 (PDF)

Paws & Effect – Summer 2016 (PDF)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2015 (PDF)

  • Two Are Better Than One (dog)
  • President’s Letter – All I Want for Christmas
  • Through a Dog’s Eyes (dog)
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Till
  • New Opportunity to Meet Cats, Kittens (cat)
  • Angels and Miracles: Saving Lives One Cat at a Time! (cat)
  • Gift Giving for our Furry Friends (cat/dog)

Paws & Effect – Summer 2015 (PDF)

  • Turn Lost into Found (cat/dog)
  • President’s Letter – Pet Safety this Summer
  • Coco and Nutmeg Cozy at Home (cat)
  • Hot Event Raises Cold Cash for SPCA NOVA
  • The Human (and Feline) Benefits of Fostering (cat)
  • No More Journeys for this Jindo (dog)

A Brief Paws – March 2015 (e-newsletter)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2014 (PDF)

  • Blended Families: Bringing Cats & Dogs into the Same Home (cat/dog)
  • President’s Letter – Best Job in the World
  • Gordon Biersch Tapping Party Benefits SPCA NOVA
  • Lucky Lady Beats the Odds (dog)
  • Surviving Life on the Streets with FIV (cat)
  • Cat Foster Parents Needed (cat)
  • SPCA NOVA Joins #GivingTuesday Campaign
  • No Tricks; Plenty of Treats at Fall Adoption Event (dog)

A Brief Paws – August 2014 (e-newsletter)

A Brief Paws – February 2014 (e-newsletter)

Paws & Effect – Winter 2013 (PDF)

  • “Weigh” To Go, Chico! (dog)
  • President’s Letter – A Year of Gratitude
  • 2013 Successes Pave Way for New Initiatives
  • Pooches Get Pampered at Annual Dog Wash (dog)
  • Supporters Eat, Drink, Make Merry
  • Include Pets in Contingency Planning (cat/dog)
  • Community Partnerships Fix a Squeak, Save Many Lives (cat)

A Brief Paws – November 2013 (e-newsletter)

Paws To Consider – Winter 2012 (PDF)

  • Paws Across the Sea (dog)
  • Annual Appeal – Help the SPCA Continue Its Work in the Coming Year
  • Collaboration Counts (cat)
  • Boo (cat)

Paws To Consider – Winter 2011 (PDF)

Paws To Consider – Winter 2010 (PDF)

  • “Hannah,” the Dog Who Thought She Was a Cat… Temporarily (dog)
  • Annual Appeal – Remembering the Animals this Holiday Season
  • Ever Thought about Being a Guardian Angel? Introducing Guardian Angels for Cats (cat)
  • My Destiny… Emerson (dog)
  • Dottie + 7 = 8 Very Lucky Cat/Kittens! (cat)
  • McGhee – The Mystery Cat (cat)
  • Rats

Paws To Consider – Summer 2010 (PDF)

  • What Would You Do If… [You Found Kittens] (cat)
  • It’s Raining Cats & Dogs!
  • It’s A Wonderful Life! (dog)
  • Three Cats & A Baby (cat)
  • Who Rescued Whom? (dog)
  • Birds Are Animals Too
  • Alumni Corner (cat)
  • Spay Inc. – Helping Pets & People (cat/dog)
  • His Bones Were Broken, But Not His Spirit (dog)

Paws To Consider – Winter 2009 (PDF)

  • Route #1 Runaway (dog)
  • Annual Appeal – Remembering the Animals This Holiday Season
  • Layla, The Belly Dancer (cat)
  • Puppet Paid (dog)
  • Visit Our Redesigned Websites
  • JMU Kittens Rescued (cat)
  • Operation Happy Socks (cat)
  • SPCA Annual Dog Wash (dog)

Paws To Consider – Spring/Summer 2009 (PDF)

  • Be Careful Where You Shop – Mitzi Finally Learns to be a Kitten (cat)
  • Help Us Care for the Animals
  • Mystery Solved (dog)
  • Double Pleasure (dog)
  • Making a Difference in a Dog’s Life (dog)
  • Teach Kids to Care

Paws To Consider – Fall/Winter 2008 (PDF)

  • A New Leash on Life (dog)
  • Annual Appeal – Remembering the Animals this Holiday Season
  • Why We “Hang In There” (dog)
  • Designer Dogs – Backyard Breeders Gone Bad (dog)
  • A Raisin Finds Her Way Home (cat)
  • Schatzi, the Maltese Monster (dog)
  • Lilies, Very Beautiful – Absolutely Deadly to Cats (cat)
  • Silent Stories: Hurricanes, Pets, and Unsung Heroes (cat)
  • Searching for Happiness: Annabel (cat)
  • SPCA Annual Dog Wash (dog)

Paws to Consider – Summer 2008 (PDF)

  • Going the Extra Mile… To Help Just One Cat in Your Neighborhood (cat)
  • Dear Animal Lovers
  • The Joy of Two Cats (cat)
  • “Shadow” the Huntington Metro Dog (dog)
  • Free To Good Home! (cat)
  • Little Dog Lost – And Found! (dog)
  • Searching for Happiness: Julius (cat)
  • What Is the Truth About FIV? (cat)
  • Good Intentions Aren’t Enough (cat/dog)
  • Double Trouble (cat)
  • Neko: Our Little Girl Wonder (cat)
  • Easter Egg Hunt Provides Lots of Fun for the Dogs in Our Care (dog)

Paws To Consider – Winter 2007 (PDF)

  • Fate? Love At First Sight? (dog)
  • Annual Appeal – Remembering the Animals this Holiday Season
  • Considering a Dog from Rescue? Note to Adopters (dog)
  • JRT Medical Fund Update (cat)
  • Che – Latin American Revolutionary or One Lucky Kitty! (cat)
  • A Beautiful Stray Kitty (cat)
  • Searching for Happiness: Patches (cat)
  • Nellie’s Story (dog)
  • There Is No Such Thing as a Free Pet: There Are Plenty of Costs Associated with Give-a-ways (cat/dog)
  • A Match Made in Heaven! (cat)
  • Dog Wash Provides Doggone Fun for People and Pooches (dog)
  • Wine Tasting Event – A Wonderful Fall Evening Had by All
  • Attention Pet Owners! Deck the Halls – But Do It Safely, Please (cat/dog)

Paws To Consider – Spring/Summer 2007 (PDF)

  • Garfield – The Tail of One Kitty (cat)
  • Spay Inc. Snips Pet Overpopulation (cat/dog)
  • Special Donations Appeal: If We Don’t Help Them, Who Will? (cat)
  • Let’s Tell Our Legislators Where We Stand
  • Minnie Pearl (dog)
  • Searching for Happiness: Patches & Rusty (cat)
  • Kitten Antics and Near Misses (cat)
  • It’s Kitten Season (cat)
  • A Dog’s Eye View (dog)

Paws To Consider – Fall/Winter 2006 (PDF)

  • The Sting (dog)
  • Saving the World One Cat or Dog at a Time
  • Remembering the Animals
  • Jinxed with Love (cat)
  • Choosing the Right Cat for Your Family (cat)
  • Searching for Happiness: Sedona & Sienna (cat)
  • Jenna Pleads “Help Me” (dog)

Paws To Consider – Fall 2005 (PDF)

  • “Tails” from the Humane Investigators’ Files (dog)
  • Happy Endings – Sabrina (cat)
  • Happy Endings – Lady (dog)
  • Through a Dog’s Eyes (dog)
  • One Phone Call… (cat)
  • What Do You Know About That Doggie In The Window? (dog)

Paws To Consider – Summer 2005 (PDF)

  • Summertime Pet Safety (cat/dog)
  • Happy Endings – Buddy (dog)
  • Happy Endings – Jasper (cat)
  • Closer Than You Think – Finding Your “Lost” Kitty (cat)
  • Max, Messenger of Love (dog)

Paws To Consider – Spring 2005 (PDF)

  • SPCA NOVA Joins Forces with Spay Inc. (cat/dog)
  • Happy Endings – Daisy (dog)
  • Do All Cats Look Alike? (cat)
  • Buddy, Can You Spare Some Time? (dog)
  • Bequests
  • Hello Dolly (cat)

Paws To Consider – Fall 2004 (PDF)

  • Twice As Nice (cat/dog)
  • When Two Are Better Than One (cat)
  • Happy Endings (cat/dog)
  • Meet “The Miracle Worker” [Tony Orange]
  • Taming Feral Kittens (cat)

Paws To Consider – Spring/Summer 2004 (PDF)

  • Spirit (dog)
  • A Call to Foster (cat)
  • Jasper: A Victim of Pet Abandonment (cat)
  • The Flying Max (dog)
  • Give a Shy Kitty a Chance to Shine (cat)
  • Searching for Happiness: Patsy, Prince (dog/cat)
  • Pavarotti “Sings the Blues” (cat)
  • Once Upon a Time… (dog)

Paws To Consider – Fall/Winter 2003 (PDF)

  • Hurricane Kitten (cat)
  • And Then There Were 8 (cat)
  • Disaster Preparedness for Animals (cat/dog)
  • Meet Our Artist [Steffi Gafke]
  • Do You Have Any Puppies? (dog)
  • Searching for Happiness: Rebel, Buster (dog/cat)
  • Tiny Packages of Curiosity, Love & Hope! (cat)
  • On Patrol… Lucy, I’m Home! (dog)
  • When You Just Can’t Turn Them Away! (cat)
  • The SPCA’s 5th Annual Dog Wash Was a Resounding Success! (dog)

Paws To Consider – Spring 2003 (PDF)

  • Pit Bulls – Problems or Pals? (dog)
  • Six Persians in Despair (cat)
  • Smokey’s Story (dog)
  • Our Lives Are Brighter (cat)
  • Special Cases: Cindy, Socks (dog/cat)
  • Every Wednesday (dog)
  • On Patrol… (cat/dog)

Paws To Consider – Spring/Summer 2002 (PDF)

  • Have you Seen this Cat? (cat)
  • Urgent: Homeless Animals Need Your Help
  • My Name is Cindy (dog)
  • Special Cases: Vagabond, Dickens (cat/dog)
  • Cared For By Angels (cat)
  • Giving a Cat a Bath (cat)

Paws To Consider – Summer 2001 (PDF)

  • Touched by an Angel (dog)
  • Humane Investigator Goes Duck Hunting – Ends Up with Goose
  • Happy Ending to Herndon Tragedy (cat)
  • SPCA Spotlight: Gypsy & Alicia (cat)
  • Tipper the 3-Legged Wonder (cat)
  • SPCA Wins Court Case (cat)
  • How Could You? (dog)

Paws To Consider – Winter 2000 (PDF)

  • Herndon Tragedy Leaves Felines Homeless (cat)
  • Casey’s Story (dog)
  • Cassandra (cat)
  • Believing in a Miracle (dog)
  • SPCA Spotlight: Alfie Needs a Home (cat)
  • SOS (cat)
  • In the Spirit of Giving, Please Remember the Animals
  • Blacky Needs Your Help (dog)
  • A Dog or Cat Is for Life – Not Just for Christmas (cat/dog)
  • Holiday Hints (cat/dog)
  • 2nd Annual SPCA Dog Wash (dog)
  • Meet Our Volunteers: Kristin LeClair
  • Humane Education

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