Found a Cat or Dog?


SPCA NOVA gives priority to rescuing friendly stray cats living outdoors after working with the person contacting us to determine the cat appears to be lost or abandoned. For example:

  • When the person knows the cat was abandoned after a neighbor moved away.
  • After the person has reported the cat to the local shelter (note: many local shelters will not take in stray cats).
  • After the person has reached out to neighbors – via hanging signs in the neighborhood or posting a message on online social media (e.g., – to help determine the cat is lost or abandoned.

Note: Our ability to rescue any cat depends on you helping us, and having a foster home available to care for the cat. If the cat is sick or injured, we will do our best to take the cat in right away.

Steps to Take If You Find a Cat Outdoors (Feral Cat or Friendly Stray Cat)

Rescuing Homeless Kittens – What to Do If You Find Kittens Outdoors


SPCA NOVA does not take in stray dogs. If you see a dog loose in your neighborhood you should:

  • Reach out to neighbors via social media (e.g., to see if you can find the dog’s owner.
  • If the dog is friendly, you may want to put the dog on a leash and/or find a way to secure the dog (e.g., fenced yard) in case a neighbor is easily located.
  • Report the dog to your local animal shelter/animal control.

Reporting Stray Cats and Dogs to Local Shelters

To report a stray cat or dog, contact your local animal control. Many shelters allow you to report stray dogs or cats online.