Adopt a Cat

Adoption Process

Learn how to adopt a cat from SPCA NOVA.

Adoption Policies

Read our policies that ensure the long-term health and safety of SPCA NOVA cats.

Not Ready to Adopt?

Consider fostering a cat from SPCA NOVA.

Cats Available for Adoption

Below are cats in our care currently ready for forever homes.

Considerations when adopting include:

  • Finding the right match for you and the cat(s) – think about your home environment and lifestyle and the cat’s personality and needs.
  • When pairing up cats – consider age, personality, activity level and gender (same gender cats are often a better match whereas the opposite is usually true for dogs).
  • Most cats need feline companionship – this applies to adult cats and virtually all kittens. Humans and dogs aren’t a substitute for cats that need feline buddies.

We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, including Washington, D.C., and part of Northern Virginia and Maryland.