Dog Guardian Angels

This program helps raise money for our dogs for basic care for feeding, training and veterinary care until they are adopted. You can also sponsor a special needs dog who needs extensive veterinary care for illnesses or injuries that require long-term hospitalization and/or needs expensive surgery (for broken legs, hernias) or diagnostics. You can sponsor a dog:

  • For yourself
  • To honor a special friend
  • To remember your own dog who has passed away
  • To provide a “gift” to a dog-loving friend or family member who has “everything”

Most of our dogs come from local shelters that don’t have the ability to provide the care they need. Many have been transferred to our care needing medical care or training.

There is no limit to the number of Guardian Angels a dog can have – our dogs need all the angels they can get! Learn how to become a Dog Guardian Angel.

Dogs Seeking Guardian Angels

All of our adoptable dogs are eligible for this program:

How to Become a Dog Guardian Angel

To become a Dog Guardian Angel, choose a dog from the “Dogs Seeking Guardian Angels” list on this page and make a donation to help cover their expenses prior to adoption.

As a Guardian Angel, you will receive:

  • Pictures and updates of “your” dog
  • Peace of mind knowing you are helping one of our dogs
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