Reporting Animal Neglect & Abuse

Take Action If You Are Concerned

If you are concerned about an animal’s well-being or want to report potential abuse or neglect please, contact your local animal control agency for the county you live in or the county where the concern is taking place.

Don’t be shy about reporting your concerns, and ask how you can be updated about  the results of an inquiry or investigation. As a resident and taxpayer, you have the right to have your concerns heard and to learn more about the situation.

If you don’t get results after contacting your local animal control office, contact your local city or county elected representative.

Animal Control Contacts in Northern Virginia

Special Note when Children Abuse Animals

If you see children abusing animals, immediate action is needed. Not only for the animal’s sake, but for possible human victims in the future. Read about Childhood Animal Abuse: Precursor to Violent Crime.