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  • Answer any questions you may have about our program;
  • Help you select a participating veterinarian in your area; and
  • Issue you a Control Number that entitles your pet(s) to low-cost spaying or neutering.

As soon as your Control Number has been assigned, you can call the participating veterinarian to make an appointment for your pet. (Be sure to give the veterinarian your Spay Inc. Control Number when you call to make the appointment.)

Note: Cats cannot be declawed at the time of their low-cost spay/neuter surgery. Learn why declawing is inhumane and can lead to health and behavior problems.

If you don’t get an email reply within one week, check your ‘SPAM’ folder. If you don’t find our reply, email us at:

Spay Inc. Request Form

Spay/Neuter Resources

National Databases

The following sites give you the ability to enter your zip code to find the nearest low-cost spay/neuter services in your area: