Cat Guardian Angels

This program helps raise money for cats with special needs until they are adopted and cats who need long-term care in their foster homes. One way to help is to sponsor one of these special cats in our care. You can sponsor a cat:

  • For yourself
  • To honor a special friend
  • To remember your own cat who has passed away
  • To provide a “gift” to a cat-loving friend or family member who has “everything”

Most of our cats are rescued as strays or have been transferred from local shelters. Many were lost or abandoned or have suffered abuse or neglect. Cats selected for this program need extensive veterinary care for illnesses or injuries that may include:

  • Long-term hospitalization
  • Expensive surgery (for broken legs, wounds, hernias, etc.)
  • Special diagnostics

There is no limit to the number of Guardian Angels a cat can have – our cats need all the angels they can get! Learn how to become a Cat Guardian Angel.

Cats Seeking Guardian Angels

Poe & Tate – Need Guardian Angels

Poe and Tate need Guardian Angels!

POE and TATE are sweet, loving kittens who have had a very rough start in life. But you would never know that by their sweet dispositions and resilient personalities.

Like other kittens, they love to eat, play and, when they are tired, snuggle […]

If there are no cats listed as seeking Guardian Angels, please check back again soon!

Cat Guardian Angel Graduates


SMOKEY is one of the lucky ones – one of the many stray cats wandering the streets looking for a food, a home and some love. Smokey is lucky ones because he has been rescued.

Smokey showed up at the home of a kind woman who care for […]

Harry & Harriett

Thank you Nobu and Teresa for fostering these kittens!

Harry and Harriett are sweet, loving and playful kittens. They are very friendly with people and curious about the world around them. They are not shy one bit. You would never know how hard their little lives have been.

These […]


Pebbles has a very sad story to tell…

Pebbles arrived in SPCA’s care, at 9 years old, weighing 3 – 4 pounds. We didn’t know how well she would recover or even if she would survive. Pebbles was rescued from a hoarding situation along with […]

Luna (Again)

Update: Luna has recovered nicely and has been adopted!

Poor Luna…back to the vet hospital.

Luna is an amazing girl. She was rescued a few months ago at 5 months of age weighing only 3 1/2 pounds, literally starving to death. Read about her initial plight.

Just when we […]


Thank you Geneva for fostering Luna! Update…Luna has been adopted!

Now out of intensive care…

LUNA is estimated to be about 5 months old. She came to use weighing a little over 3 pounds – at least two pounds underweight. She is skin and bones and was literally starving […]


Thank you Inger for fostering, then adopting, Georgie!

GEORGIE came into our care with a urinary blockage.  If not addressed, this condition is fatal because toxins back up into the cat’s kidneys.  The severity of this condition is worse for males because they block more easily than females.

When […]

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How to Become a Cat Guardian Angel

To become a Cat Guardian Angel, choose a cat from the “Cats Seeking Guardian Angels” list on this page and make a donation to help cover their extensive veterinary care.

As a Guardian Angel, you will receive:

  • Pictures and updates of “your” cat
  • A special Guardian Angel e-newsletter
  • Peace of mind knowing you are helping one of our cats
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Guardian Angel Success Story

"Angel and Miracles - Saving One Cat at a Time" shows how this program helped a few special cats - Gatita, Poppy and her kittens, Max, and Qian.
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