Pebbles has a very sad story to tell…

Pebbles arrived in SPCA’s care, at 9 years old, weighing 3 – 4 pounds. We didn’t know how well she would recover or even if she would survive. Pebbles was rescued from a hoarding situation along with 3 other cats and 2 big dogs. When first arriving, Pebbles’ foster mom thought she was blind and near death.

Pebbles’ vet exam revealed that most of her teeth had fallen out and further dental work was needed. She had a chronic upper respiratory infection with constant sneezing and sniffling. We were told she had this condition ‘all of her life.’ The vet also found a shattered ear drum and infection deep inside her ear, and a droopy eye – called Horner’s syndrome.

After months of care, Pebbles has gained 4 lbs and been nursed back to health with good nutrition, blood work, dental work, antibiotics and other medications. She is now on a ‘maintenance’ dose of antibiotics for her chronic sniffling. She is medically about 90 percent better than when she arrived in our care. Pebbles is now very playful and wants lots of attention. She is such a wonderful kitty, full of love, and as most animals, very forgiving to her past life.

Regarding the other animals…

The 3 cats and 2 dogs that came with Pebbles…well, each has their own story. After numerous trips to the vet, blood work, various medications and appropriate vaccinations, they are all doing as well as can be expected. Two cats are 15 plus years old and getting care to keep them comfortable. The other cat is much younger and doing well medically – while learning to trust people after being kept in a windowless garage for 2 years. The 2 dogs are seniors but still active, and learning for the first time what it means to have a big yard to run around in.

We need financial support to care for Pebbles and the others…

Because Pebbles and the other animals’ are seniors or have ongoing medical conditions, they are not available for adoption. Their ongoing care is an expensive venture for SPCA.

If you would like to help us pay for Pebbles care, and for the other animals that came with her, please be Pebbles’ Guardian Angel or make a one time donation.

Thank you Debbie, Janet, Erin and Margaret for being Pebbles’ Guardian Angel.


  • Photo 1: Pebbles skin and bones standing on window sill
  • Photo 2: Pebbles feeling better but still very skinny
  • Photo 3: Pebbles filling out and coat texture improving
  • Photo 4: Pebbles showing off her beautiful soft coat