The SPCA of Northern Virginia is a local, volunteer-based, nonprofit organization. The majority of our work to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, neglected, and abandoned cats and dogs is accomplished through the hard work of dedicated volunteers.

We do not have a shelter or other type of facility. Volunteers either attend our adoption fairs and fundraising events or work from their homes. Volunteers must provide their own transportation to work at SPCA NOVA events. Note: You must be at least 18 years of age, or accompanied by a parent or guardian, to assist us at cat and dog adoption fairs.

There is so much more work that needs to be done. If you have a passion for animals and are responsible and reliable, we need you!

How to Volunteer

To inquire about volunteering, submit a Volunteer Interest Survey. If you have questions, email: volunteers@spcanova.org.

Our Volunteer Needs

We need volunteers to work directly with our cats and dogs, as well as to support the organization as a whole. Some of our volunteer needs are described below.

Cat Volunteers

  • Foster Homes – Do you want to care for cats/kittens in your home? We need volunteers to foster cats/kittens, especially during kitten season (late Spring to early Fall). All of our cats/kittens live in foster homes until they are adopted. Read about fostering cats and submit a foster application.
  • Phone Assistance – Do you want to help callers get adoption information or help a cat in need? We need volunteers to retrieve cat-related phone calls from voice mail, return the calls, and assist callers one day a week.
  • Adoption Fair Assistance – Do you like interacting with kittens and the public? We need volunteers to monitor and play with kittens, screen adoption inquiries, and talk with people about SPCA NOVA at adoption events.

Dog Volunteers

  • Dog Wranglers at Adoption Fairs – Do you like interacting with dogs and the public? We need volunteers to oversee dogs at Saturday adoption fairs that are held twice per month (e.g., walk the dogs, talk with prospective adopters). Volunteers need to commit to attending adoption fairs on an ongoing basis, ideally at least once a month.
  • House Checks – Are you an experienced dog caretaker? We need volunteers to assist with house checks as part of our application/adoption process.
  • Phone Assistance – Do you want to help callers get adoption information or help a dog in need? We need volunteers to retrieve dog-related phone calls from voice mail, return the calls, and assist callers one day a week.
  • Facebook Posts – Are you active on Facebook and enjoy writing about dogs? We need a volunteer to post dog adoption and other events on our Facebook page.
  • Foster Homes – Do you want to care for a dog in your home? Currently, most of our dogs are boarded at a private kennel, but we plan to initiate a dog foster program soon and will need volunteers to foster dogs. 

Organizational Volunteers

  • Fundraising – Are you an experienced fundraiser? Do you like to initiate and oversee fundraising activities? We need people who can spearhead an event or two. We also need a fundraising coordinator.
  • Volunteer Recruiting – Do you like to reach out to people? We need someone who can work with our volunteer coordinator to reach out via social media or other avenues to recruit new volunteers.
  • Website Support – Are you well-versed in Word Press? Can you help us maintain our website, suggest improvements etc?
  • Newsletter Stories – Are you a good writer? Do you like to research and write stories? We need volunteers to help write occasional stories.

Volunteer Interest Survey

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