Cat Alumni Stories

Below are stories about just a few of the thousands of cats we have adopted out over the years.

If you adopted a cat from us and would like to post your cat on our alumni page, we would love to hear from you. Simply follow the instructions on how to submit your story. Feel free to include other pets in your home that are friends with your SPCA-adopted cat.


Elise adopted Kirby several months ago. This former stray kitty, who came to our care from another rescue organization, is FIV positive but a very healthy girl.  Here’s an update about her […]


Gillian adopted Pepper a few months ago. Here’s an update on Pepper’s new life as a former stray kitty who contracted FIV while living outdoors:

Pepper […]

Otis, Winston and Holly

Mindi and Charlie adopted three kittens last year…see the babies all grown up!
Eight months after the loss of our 20 year old beloved boy Mufasa, our family opened our hearts to the […]


Lisa adopted her foster kitty, Giselle. Here’s an update on this sweet girl:

As a first time cat mom, I had told SPCA that I would prefer an older “settled” cat, one […]

Peppermint Patty

Danny adopted Peppermint Patty – a wonderful kitty who came into SPCA’s care with kittens. Here’s an update on how she is doing.

PP is doing very well! She has even learned to […]

Georgie and Tahiti

Jennifer fostered then adopted these wonderful girls. Here’s an update on how they are doing.

My cat of 17 years passed away a couple of years ago and I immediately knew that I […]


Islen and her family adopted Emma. Here is a quick update on her:

Emma is doing great. She really is so sweet and just LOVES being around people. We sure did luck out […]


Here’s an update from Alex on how Rin is doing:
Rin is totally at home in the apartment.  It feels like he’s always been here even though it’s only been a few […]

Daisy and Aurora

Here is an update from adopters Nicolle and Kevin. They adopted Daisy (now Khaleesi) as a buddy for their existing cat, Aurora.

I was looking through your website when I came across the […]

Powder and Speedy

Kathleen fostered then adopted Powder and Speedy over 14 years ago! Here’s an update on these sweet kitties.

Powder and Speedy were very sick kittens when they came into SPCA’s care at 6 […]

Velvet and Lucy

Angela adopted Velvet (now Delilah) recently as a buddy for Lucy. Here is her update:

As you can see, the girls hit it off! Lucy and Delilah are inseparable. They make me happy. […]

Sammy and Carmel

Sammy and Carmel/Velvet were fostered then adopted by long-time SPCA foster parent, Nancy. Here’s an update on how the kitties are doing.

Sammy (sometimes I call him “Meatloaf” because he is so funny […]

Frost and Apollo

JF and Katie adopted Frost and Apollo. Here’s an update on their new life:

The kitties are doing great! We kept Frost’s name, but added Robert Lee to it, in honor of the […]

Gloria and Scout

Samantha and John recently adopted Gloria and Scout. Below is an update on how they are doing.

The girls are doing great! We renamed them Crema and Leche. Believe it or not, they […]


Jeremy and his family adopted Buddy recently. Here’s an update on Buddy’s new life:

Buddy has been doing great and has made himself at home. He’s been eating well and as playful as […]

Jellybean/Lola and Jellybelly/Luther

Amadie and family adopted Jellybean and Jellybelly (now Lola and Luther) several months ago. Here’s an update on how the sweet rascals are doing:

Lola is my shadow during the day – while […]

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