Mindi and Charlie adopted three kittens last year…see the babies all grown up!
Eight months after the loss of our 20 year old beloved boy Mufasa, our family opened our hearts to the possibility of not one, not two but three fur babies. After meeting the cuties and seeing their playful nature, Holly and Otis (original names) joined the Ramage Family. On August 14, 2019, our two boys and baby girl turned one year old!!!!
Otis is the middle brother. At a lean 12 pounds, he loves to play. He is by far the most active and loves to chase his tail in the bathtub. One of these days, he is going to catch it. Otis is super inquisitive and is always on guard……he LOVES his buddy Jaxon!
Winston is the big brother and chill as can be. His little black nose, pot belly and sleepy attitude make your heart melt. This big boy, topping the scales at 15 pounds, loves his treats, belly rubs, and kisses. He follows us through the house, like a dog and loves cooling himself in front of the vents.
Holly is the smallest and certainly lives up to her nickname “Little Princess.” At a scant 10 pounds, this petite little girl is always protected by her brothers. She loves to wrestle with Otis, snuggle in bed with us at night, and thinks catching bugs is the best thing ever.
Secret….they don’t meow! They have the cutest little squeaks….so soft, you have to talk to them so you can see and hear it. These kitties have changed our lives. We love them so much and couldn’t imagine life without them.