Jennifer fostered then adopted these wonderful girls. Here’s an update on how they are doing.

My cat of 17 years passed away a couple of years ago and I immediately knew that I wanted to have a fur baby in my house. I was not quite ready to commit to having a full-time cat just yet, I was just getting over the longest-term relationship that I’d ever had. So, I became a foster mom.

The first foster that I had was amazing and she got adopted right away. When she left, I immediately picked up a couple of very young cats, Tahiti and Georgie. I was not used to having cats with so much energy!

Tahiti was in your face to begin with, a tenacious little rascal. And Georgie would barely come out because she was so scared of people. She eventually warmed up to my roommate and I but would hide when visitors came over. Because of this, the adoption process became a struggle – she would hide any time anyone came to visit. Over time she began warming up to strangers and coming out. Even when she had warmed up to people, adoptions kept falling through. After the 4th or 5th time, I couldn’t take it anymore.

These two cats had warmed my heart and I was ready to adopt again. So happy to call them my babies – I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s really nice to have two cats that are best friends. They spend so much time cuddling and playing together. Plus sometimes they let me play with them too. Can’t wait for them to grow old with me.

Cheers to Tahiti and Georgie!