Amadie and family adopted Jellybean and Jellybelly (now Lola and Luther) several months ago. Here’s an update on how the sweet rascals are doing:

Lola is my shadow during the day – while she’s not much of a lap kitty, she follows me around the house and walks all over my computer keyboard and lap and chest to get attention. Lola is long and skinny and beautiful. She’s a big jumper and I often find her on top of the highest object in the room. At night she wiggles under the covers and stretch out next to me.

Luther is an absolute cuddle monster and food hog. We’ve been calling him “pudge” recently because he’s constantly eating. When he’s not playing, he curls up in my lap and falls asleep purring, usually with a paw on my cheek or chest, or falls asleep cradled in my arms like a baby.¬†Luther is so funny, and actually plays fetch with me using a bunch of rubber bracelets he has found around the house (he also deposits them in the dry food bowl when he’s done playing). When Luther lies down on the floor, he flattens out his back half and stretches his arms forward like Superman. Of the two he is more vocal, especially when it’s time to eat.