Kathleen fostered then adopted Powder and Speedy over 14 years ago! Here’s an update on these sweet kitties.

Powder and Speedy were very sick kittens when they came into SPCA’s care at 6 weeks of age with their siblings, Mickey and Puff, and their mom, Lucia. The entire family, except for Mickey, had abscesses on their bodies from an unidentified blood-borne infection. After numerous trips to the vet, including an internist, and trying 5 different antibiotics, we finally found one that worked. In the meantime, Powder and Speedy’s infections were so severe that Powder had an eye removed, and Speedy had a toe removed.

Despite a rough start in life, they have been healthy kitties other than a few senior issues that have recently come into play.

Powder and Speedy are so sweet. I hadn’t planned on adopting them – at the time I had three other cats, Tiger, Gypsy and Mocha (all passed away now). But they were so sick and so timid that I ended up keeping them. They have always been terrified of people other than myself. Potential adopters would come to meet them only to see their terrified little faces under the bed. I knew it would be traumatic to adopt them out, so they joined my family of 5 cats. Both have cute little personalities.

Speedy is my snuggle bug. He loves nothing more than sitting in my lap or curling up on my chest. He will sit there and stare at me until I let him climb on me no matter what I’m doing – working on my computer, sitting on the couch trying to drink coffee and watch TV!

Powder is a bit more independent. She likes to climb on me and just stand there – trying to decide if she wants to curl up on me or just stand there looking for something else to do.

Both kitties adore each other – except for occasional sibling spats always instigated by Speedy. Otherwise, they are often seen grooming each other’s faces, sitting on the back of the couch looking outdoors, or hanging out on the screened in porch when the weather is decent enough.

I am glad they stayed with me and can’t image my life without them.

Added 1/25/19