JF and Katie adopted Frost and Apollo. Here’s an update on their new life:

The kitties are doing great! We kept Frost’s name, but added Robert Lee to it, in honor of the American poet. We changed Apollo’s name to Walt Whitman. So we have little Bob and Walt, or Wally and Bobby, and so on.

They love the water fountain that we got for them. They’ve been just darling little sweethearts, and have really taken to the house. They love all the blankets and high places that they can get to, and since we have big window sills, I took one of my late grandma’s quilts and made them both a nice kitty bed in the window that gets the afternoon sun, they usually sleep there and watch the birds.

They do really well with company – they snuggled with my best friend and his girlfriend. I can’t thank you SPCA enough. They are a joy, and we love having them in our lives.

Added 1/24/19