Here is an update from adopters Nicolle and Kevin. They adopted Daisy (now Khaleesi) as a buddy for their existing cat, Aurora.

I was looking through your website when I came across the alumni stories and thought I would share ours! We are happy to share that Khaleesi (aka Daisy) and Aurora (aka Sally) are doing extremely well and never cease to make my husband and I laugh.

Khaleesi was found in the middle of R66 and was saved by a driver who happened to see her in the corner of his eye. At first she was slow to warm up to her new home and sister but that all passed and is frequently coming out to socialize. She particularly loves when mom is meal planning and doing bills on the kitchen table, ha! She is also very much a daddy’s girl. She loves snuggling with my husband and never fails to greet him when he comes home from work.

Aurora is the oldest and was adopted with her brother Apollo (aka Rory), but unfortunately Apollo passed away very young and unexpectedly. Aurora is the queen of the household and definitely captures the hearts of everyone she meets with her “tortitude”. Aurora is a momma’s girl and loves to sleep with me every night and will follow me throughout the day to make sure mom is always in her sight.

Both kitties are rambunctious in the morning after their breakfast and love to nap in their very large kitty bed in the afternoon. They also love their kitty tube that was recently purchased.
Thank you NOVA SPCA for our wonderful fur babbies! My husband and I couldn’t imagine life without them!

Added 2/1/19