Sammy and Carmel/Velvet were fostered then adopted by long-time SPCA foster parent, Nancy. Here’s an update on how the kitties are doing.

Sammy (sometimes I call him “Meatloaf” because he is so funny and silly!) has made me so happy. Soon as I started fostering him, he started turning on the charm! In less than one week, I knew I had to adopt him. He gets up on his pedestal and makes a huge deal of greeting me when I get home. He can’t get enough brushing, and who would not want to brush a great BIG Maine Coon lion-kitty?? And if I stop, he taps me, like keep going mama! It became a struggle leaving for work, each day, and became clear he cannot entertain himself.

So, I agreed to foster a trial girlfriend kitty for him: Carmel. I re-named her Velvet, because she is so soft and her fur is so short and thick. She’s a beauty! Truth be told, Sammy didn’t like her, at first. But I did. I said, “Sammy, can we keep her? Can we keep her?”, and he would slink off in a huff. But she LOVED him … love at first sight! Just like those cartoons when their eyes are beating hearts! She went right up and kissed him on the nose – every day. I said, that’s it, Velvet, you are wearing him down. Now, she gives him a bath, and they nap together, and he loves it! And they get the zoomies, all the time, after breakfast, middle of the night, you name it!

I’ve never had two kitties before, but it is not hard like I thought it might be. They both clamor for me, but also they have each other.

We are a very happy family!!!!
Added 1/23/19