Lisa adopted her foster kitty, Giselle. Here’s an update on this sweet girl:

As a first time cat mom, I had told SPCA that I would prefer an older “settled” cat, one without special needs, and a short-haired variety (leery of too much shedding from a long-hair cat). Well, all that went out the window when I met this sweet one-year-old, medium-haired kitty, named Giselle, with a fantastic bushy tail and a whole bunch of unanticipated special needs! Abandoned and worn out with a litter of kittens, it was easy to give her a lot of TLC.  She endured many trips to the vet (spaying, vaccinations, skin infection, x-rays, GI exploratory surgery). Giselle was stoic and calm through it all, even while wearing cone collars for weeks on end.  After eight months, she was too much a part of our family to give her up, so we made it official.

Luckily, Giselle loves getting brushed and her once dull long coat is now silky soft and fluffy. She meows and jumps up on her “brushing table” when she sees me coming! Still shy, she is increasingly comfortable checking out visitors. She is a little tiger chasing after and batting around toy mice, scratching and pouncing at toys hidden under paper bags, and dancing on her hind legs to swat at her ribbon wand. It’s a riot to watch Giselle suddenly dash all around the house to get her kitty ya-yas out, and she sometimes brings us poor little crickets from the basement (well, she is a cat after all). For us, she’s got the perfect personality – calm, gentle, quiet, affectionate, and playful.  Little did we know in January that we’d be adding Giselle to our family!