Thank you Geneva for fostering Luna! Update…Luna has been adopted!

Now out of intensive care…

LUNA is estimated to be about 5 months old. She came to use weighing a little over 3 pounds – at least two pounds underweight. She is skin and bones and was literally starving outdoors. Luna had fleas and ticks on her body, is slightly anemic and has an infection (most likely on her skin). Because she was so emaciated and dehydrated when she was found, Luna had to be hospitalized until she stabilized. In the  hospital, Luna received subcutaneous fluids, deworming for parasites, treatment for fleas and diarrhea, antibiotics and regular syringe feedings when she didn’t feel like eating on her own.

After being moved to a temporary ‘intensive care’ foster home, Luna was treated for an intestinal bacteria and a slight upper respiratory infection. She has made an astounding turn around – Luna now weighs 5 pounds 12 ounces and looks like a new cat.

Luna came into SPCA’s care after a former foster parent and adopter, Jennifer, found her outdoors all by herself. The photos show Luna at the vet office.  Two were taken after she had to have a bath and was drying off – poor girl’s coat was very dirty.  She must feel a lot better now!

We no longer need Guardian Angles for Luna.  She is finally on the road to recovery!

Thank you Janet, Kathleen, Katie, Rachel, Eva, Michelle, Kathy, Vanessa and Michael for being Luna’s Guardian Angels!

And, thank you Debbie for being her ‘intensive care foster mom’ for months as Luna was recovering.