Poe and Tate need a new foster home by the end of February 2021.

(And thank you Michelle for fostering them short term right now!)

POE and TATE are sweet, loving kittens who have had a very rough start in life. But you would never know that by their sweet dispositions and resilient personalities. Like other kittens, they love to eat, play and, when they are tired, snuggle in their foster mom’s lap.

Poe and Tate came into our care from a shelter that had limited resources to help them. They arrived with severe upper respiratory and eye infections. Both kittens had severely damaged eyes from ulcers caused by infection and both Poe and Tate needed to have one eye removed. Poe’s remaining eye is just fine. Sadly, Tate’s remaining eye has been damaged but currently has no infection. We are hopeful she can keep that eye even though she has limited vision. You would never know she has such limited vision – cats are masters at using other senses (hearing, feeling, smelling and of course their whiskers to navigate). She just needs a neat and tidy home with a few simple modifications and she will adjust well.

Their current foster home, where they stay in one large room, was an important stepping stone to their recovery. By the end of February 2021, they will need a new foster home that has an appropriate separate ‘kitten room’ but also has other space in the home the kittens can explore under supervision. They do great with other friendly adult cats but haven’t been exposed to dogs.  No young children in their new foster home.

If you would like to consider fostering these kittens, submit the Cat Foster Application.