Thank you Janelle for fostering, then adopting,Poe and Tate!

POE and TATE are sweet, loving and playful kitties…full of life and full of energy! They love to groom each other and then settle down for a cuddly nap. They are truly remarkable and resilient kitties. They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

POE is a rambunctious boy who loves, loves, loves to play. He has even learned to play fetch with his foster mom. His favorite toys are ones he can “kill and carry” in his mouth. Poe is a tad bit more cautious than his sister, Tate, when exploring new things and can be a bit too rough when playing with her because he’s bigger. He would do best in a home with a friendly, playful adult male cat in his forever home to burn off some of his energy. When Poe is done playing, he is a lovebug who wants to lounge in your lap, kiss your neck and snuggle on your shoulder. You can hear his contented purr across the room. Poe’s sweet gaze look at you adoringly while he follows you around the house. Poe and Tate share their own language and call to one another across the house.

TATE is absolutely fearless and a feisty, loving little lady. She likes to check up on you and wants to be by.your side. She loves to play with toys and chase and wrestle with her brother…as long as he doesn’t get too rough. Tate isn’t shy about initiating play, but wishes Poe wouldn’t sit on top of her so long! Her favorite toys are crinkly balls and bouncy toys, especially with bells. She loves a high vantage point in the sun. While Tate has only limited vision in her remaining eye, you would never know that. She is able to navigate her territory very well by using the vision she has, by listening to sounds (such as her brother calling her) and using her whiskers. Nothing short of a miracle. A little notice when you move the furniture would be appreciated!

These kittens need a carefully kitten-proofed home. They need plenty of room to roam and play chase without clutter they can run into. Loose cords interfere with the fun. Both kittens can jump remarkably high and love climbing their cat tree and using their vertical scratchers. While both kittens can go up and down stairs, a home without stairs would be ideal. Any open banister around stairs would need to be blocked off. An older child in their home would be fine but no young children or babies. A home with a friendly male cat for Poe to play with would be wonderful.

These kittens are lucky to be alive. They came into our care from a local shelter that didn’t have the resources to properly care for them. With severe upper respiratory infections and ulcers in their eyes, they would not have survived without the intensive care we were able to give them along with many months of care. These sweet kittens are now ready for a special home of their own.