Update: Luna has recovered nicely and has been adopted!

Poor Luna…back to the vet hospital.

Luna is an amazing girl. She was rescued a few months ago at 5 months of age weighing only 3 1/2 pounds, literally starving to death. Read about her initial plight.

Just when we thought Luna was ready for adoption, she had recurring upper respiratory infections (URIs). We took her back to the vet and discovered she has a dental condition called stomatitis. This is a painful inflammation of a cat’s gums (and sometimes elsewhere in their mouth). In Luna’s case, her vet thinks the stomatitis had caused her recurring URIs because the inflammation was affecting her nose and throat.

Luna was placed on antibiotics again and has returned to her foster home after a dental cleaning and the extraction of 12 teeth! This treatment has dramatically improved her condition. Her recent check up showed that her gums had healed from her extractions. She may need additional dental care down the road, but for now Luna is a healthy, happy girl who is ready for adoption.

If you would like to help us cover her vet costs, please consider being her Guardian Angel.

Thank you Janet and Debbie – again – for being Luna’s Guardian Angels.