Gender: Female

Birth date: 10/2022

Needs feline companion: No


Leyla's Personality

Beauty and brains, sweet and sassy. This little charmer, whose nickname is "Miss Bean," will win you over in no time. Although not a lap cat (so far!), she's always close by laying next to you. Just provide a nice, soft fleece blanket. Leyla is super friendly and enjoys being brushed. She will reward you with soft purrs and gentle head butts.

Leyla is becoming more playful each day in her new foster home after all of her six kittens have been adopted. She is learning to be a kitten again after giving being a mom at just 9 months of age. Leyla goes nuts over a catnip-filled pillow. She showed off her first "zoomies" around the house the other day. And she chases just about anything that moves.

Miss Bean won't wake you up for breakfast, but waits until you pet her while she stands on your chest, giving you the days loudest purr. She loves to sleep on a soft blanket on the bed at night and occasionally chases your toes under the covers. Her favorite things are catnip toys, getting brushed and showing off her trick sitting on command for treats. If Leyla can’t find you, she lets out a little meow, and comes running when you call. She loves people, and is not shy at all. She is a perfect little companion.

What Type of Home Leyla Needs

This sweet, sassy girl needs a home where people are around for her to hang out with. She is not demanding, but likes to be near people. Leyla likes to be in charge of her territory and needs to be the only pet – no other cats or dogs in her forever home. Leyla can get a little over-stimulated and nip your hands or feet when she feels unsettled – so no young children now or in the future. An older, cat-savvy child would be fine. This behavior has subsided in her new foster home now that she is settled in.

Where Leyla Came From

Leyla was rescued from outdoors by a kind man who found her abandoned in a park just one week before giving birth to six healthy kittens (all adopted). She was such a sweet, nurturing mama. Now its time for Leyla to have a home of her own.

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Moderately Active

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