By Kathleen MacKinnon

The Advertisement Said It All – We Don’t Want Her

How many times have we seen this? An ad in the newspaper. A poster at a veterinary office. A posting on Craig’s List. Sadly, too often this means the pet is just no longer wanted through no fault of their own.

We sometimes browse Craig’s List to see if anyone has posted a cat who might need our help. A cute little calico Persian was just one of those cats. She was advertised as “available” to anyone who wanted her. The posting just said they were leaving the country and couldn’t take care of her. The photo said it all. This cute little cat was completely matted. And, she had a very sad look on her face.

Friendly Cat Becomes ‘Mean’

When we contacted the person who posted this cat on Craig’s List, the woman told us the cat used to be friendly. But ever since she had gotten matted over the past two years, the cat had become “mean.” They could only pet her on her head. We were told they couldn’t care for her and were leaving the country shortly. They told us we could take her now – no questions asked!

Little Parisa – Angel Face

Needless to say, we took this cat into our care. We named her Parisa – which means “Angel Face” in Farsi. Her entire body was matted.  The matting was so bad that huge clumps of hair had lifted off her sides leaving her skin completely exposed. We can only imagine how much pain this cat had been in. Once shaved, Parisa has become the sweetest and happiest cat in the world. She can’t get enough love and affection. Parisa likes to climb into your lap making biscuits and purring all the way. She loves to wrap her front legs around your  neck, give “head butts,” and little kitty kisses.

Parisa’s Little Surprise

Parisa also had a little surprise waiting for us. She arrived pregnant – nearly full term. Soon after entering our care she gave birth to four healthy Persian kittens. This little family deserves nothing but love and affection. We are so happy they came into our care. Parisa These kittens will be available for adoption mid-July.

Parisa is a little scared after coming into SPCA’s care.
Parisa is so matted that clumps of fur have pulled away from her and are hanging off her body.
Parisa’s skin is exposed where clumps of fur have pulled away from her body.
Parisa feels so much better after the clumps of fur were shaved off her body.