Meet Super Volunteer Danielle Moncuso

By Katie McHenry

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Danielle Moncuso moved to Northern Virginia almost five years ago and, shortly thereafter, adopted a pair of SPCA kittens: litter mates Amber and Ruby, now five years old. The adoption process was Danielle’s first experience with the SPCA of Northern Virginia – but it wouldn’t be her last!

One year later, Danielle took the plunge and became a volunteer for SPCA NOVA, fostering kittens. Initially, it was difficult to give up her foster kittens to their adoptive families, especially after establishing a bond with her charges, but Danielle focused on the “why” of fostering. She contends that best part of volunteering for SPCA NOVA is knowing that she has helped so many cats find their forever homes.

However, adopting two cats and serving as a foster parent for the SPCA still wasn’t enough for Danielle. She next decided to respond to the organization’s request for a spay-neuter coordinator, which is the primary role she currently plays at SPCA NOVA. In this position, after receiving each kitten’s adoption contract, Danielle contacts the new guardians and sends them information on whichever vet closest to them participates in the Spay Inc. discount program. Later, she calls the vet’s office to verify that the kitten (1) received the spay/neuter procedure and (2) wasn’t declawed! (All guardians who adopt cats from SPCA NOVA must pledge to never subject their cats to the barbaric practice of declawing. For more information on why the procedure is both cruel and unnecessary, read how to teach your cats to scratch “appropriately.”

Since their adoption of Amber and Ruby, Danielle and her husband have added another family member to their home: a greyhound named Luna, who gets along great with her feline sisters. In addition to her volunteer work with SPCA NOVA, Danielle works as an economist at the Department of Labor during daylight hours, and teaches Pilates on evenings and weekends.

Adoptive guardian, foster parent, spay/foster coordinator; time will only tell which SPCA NOVA role Danielle takes on next!

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