By Patti Price & Kathleen MacKinnon

From Trauma to Rescue

Champ and Lucy are sibling kittens and best friends, bonded forever through their shared traumatic experience of having young boys (only about 11 or 12 years old) pelting them with rocks and wads of burning newspaper. At only six weeks of age, these innocent kittens were rescued just in the nick of time by Patti Price’s daughter who stumbled onto this horrific scene.

Patti and her other daughter have both fostered and adopted cats from SPCA NOVA, so once these kittens were safe in Patti’s care, she contacted SPCA NOVA for help. Patti offered to foster the kittens until they are adopted. In the meantime, SPCA NOVA is overseeing their foster care and road to adoption, including paying for vet care. While Champ and Lucy’s journey hasn’t been easy, they are now well on their way to recovery.

Champ Truly Is a ‘Champ’

It was only by chance that Patti’s daughter  happened to see the bullies tormenting Champ and his sister. Poor Champ could barely run to escape his tormentors. He had an injured hip; half of his back right leg was already missing from an earlier trauma and bleeding at the stump; and his eyes were so infected they looked like blood blisters. As if throwing rocks and burning paper at these kittens weren’t enough, the boys then picked them up and started moving toward a trash can. Interrupted by Patti’s daughter, the boys dropped the kittens and ran off. Patti’s daughter managed to catch Champ and Lucy, who were both shaking with fear. And even though Champ was sick, scared, and in pain, he never hissed, growled, or scratched.

It has been an uphill climb, but through it all, Champ has been a trooper. To prevent further injury to his right hip and leg, Champ’s leg was amputated. Even though recovery was slow after surgery when his incision became infected, Champ has now fully  recovered from the hip injury and leg amputation. He is still getting ongoing treatment for the herpes infection in his eyes, and is under the care of an ophthalmologist. However, you would never know what Champ has endured because he eats like a champ, plays like a champ and doesn’t even know he’s missing a leg!

This little guy has a heart of gold, and the sweetest disposition. Champ loves to be loved – being held and receiving sweet gentle pets are among his favorite things. He happily greets Patti with much enthusiasm for his morning, afternoon, and evening hugs. As he can’t jump, he pulls himself up on the bed or  sofa. He can manage a few stairs at a time, and – perhaps with time – he will master them. Champ loves to play hide-and seek under the bed and bat a soft catnip ball around. But his absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world is his sister and BFF, Lucy!

Lucy Is a ‘Doll!’

Lucy is a quiet little girl with a lot of spunk. She was tormented along with her brother, but fortunately did not sustain any lasting physical injuries. Lucy was so weak and frightened that she just collapsed in Patti’s daughter’s arms when rescued. She only wanted to be safe and cradled. No fight was left in her. Lucy never cried,not even once. Patti’s daughter wasn’t even sure Lucy was alive but for her fast beating heart. Much of her fur was missing on her back, and her eyes were swollen nearly shut, filled with infection.

Lucy has made a full recovery with only minor flare-ups to her eyes from herpes. The once lifeless kitten has turned into a beautiful butterfly. Her soft grey coat has fully grown back, and she is as beautiful as ever. Her cute round face and eyes sparkle. Her little body is full of energy. Lucy is a little acrobat and loves jumping as high as she can after a feather wand. She almost never meows. She is timid at first with strangers but quickly warms up to soft voices and encouragement.

Lucy, Champ: Together Forever

Champ and Lucy clung to each other during a long recovery – giving each other unconditional love and comfort. They groomed each other, and Champ stayed very close to Lucy, as though he was her protector. He would even lie on her backside, where her fur was missing, to keep her warm. Now they play like typical kittens and act like brother and sister, sometimes with a little roughhousing, but always kissing and making up.

They are getting used to meeting new faces and often just need a few words of encouragement to warm right up. They are little charmers and steal the hearts of everyone who meets them. These two playful kittens will be best friends forever and absolutely need to be adopted together.

Champ perks up at the vet’s following his leg amputation.
Champ wrestles out of his E-collar.
Dr. Kirchart examines Champ while Lucy stays close.