By Amadie Hart

You don’t have to leave your furry family members out of your Easter celebration! There are many treats and toys you can make or buy to create an Easter basket for your four-legged friends, and games the whole family can play to involve all your household species in Easter fun.

The small plastic Easter eggs are inexpensive, versatile materials that can be used to create a variety of playthings for both dogs and cats. While there are plenty of tutorials about different ways to use the eggs to create pet toys, such as this adorable tutorial on how to make toy mice using plastic Easter eggs, sometimes the simplest options are the best. I’ve found that kittens and cats find the egg halves nearly irresistable on their own, batting and carrying them around the house.

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For dogs, you can use the plastic eggs and some smelly treats to create an Easter egg hunt. Some communities host public Easter egg hunts for dogs, but you can also organize one in your own backyard: How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs. (Just a note that some dogs may try to swallow or crunch the plastic Easter eggs, so you should always supervise your dog during this type of hunt.)

For those of you who are handy around the kitchen, a variety of online tutorials are available to help you whip up a batch of Easter-themed goodies for your dogs, including Easter cookies and DIY Peeps for dogs. You can also use spring-themed cookie cutters and candy molds to shape these cat treats into holiday-related patterns.

Easter baskets aren’t only for humans. You can put together a collection of toys and treats to share with your pooch or kitty on Easter morning. Most pet stores and online sellers (like have a large assortment of Easter-themed costumes, pet toys, and treats for dogs and cats. These include things like catnip-filled carrot toys, colorful egg-shaped dog toys, and bunny ears. Etsy sellers offer a variety of Easter dog treats. And, as always, Pinterest is an excellent source of ideas for Easter baskets for dogs and cats.

However you celebrate, be sure to make the holiday a safe one and be aware of the dangers that Easter goodies like lilies and chocolate pose for dogs and cats.