Thank you Anastasia for fostering Ripley!

Ripley’s Personality

Ripley is a cute petite girl who will charm you with her friendly demeanor. She is not shy about greeting strangers who show they want to play with or pet her.

Ripley settles pretty easily into new environments. She likes to explore and comes to you to rub up against your leg and for petting. However, she can also be a little defensive – hissing and nipping – if she feels cornered in a small room. We think this behavior will disappear once she has settled into a new place and gets to know her surroundings and knows she’s safe. Ripley has been a bit on edge when she knows another cat is on the other side of a closed door.

Type of Foster Home Ripley Needs

Ripley is in a temporary foster home and needs to be moved no later than March 8th. She needs a foster home she can settle into to have her kittens (expected mid-March) and care for them until they are weaned at about 8 weeks of age. A foster home without other pets would be ideal although other pets are fine as long as she has her own space away from them – in a separate room or a finished basement.

Where Ripley Came From

Ripley was abandoned at an apartment building and rescued by a kind man who had been feeding her and several other friendly stray cats.

Fostering Ripley

If you would like to consider fostering Ripley, send an email to or fill out the Cat Foster Application.