Dahlia needs a new foster home where she is no longer confined to one room now that her kittens have been moved.

DAHLIA is a friendly, outgoing 1 year old kitty who came into our care pregnant. she is a curious kitty who comes right out of the carrier to inspect her new surroundings then settles down to figure out her next move. She is very playful and especially loves catnip toys.

A kind woman got Dahlia from a friend of a friend, not knowing that she was pregnant. Unable to care for the upcoming family, she reached out to SPCA NOVA for help.

Dahlia needs a foster home where she has a private space of her own. She needs a spare room without a bed, or perhaps, a nice finished basement. Beds are a problem because mom cats might try to ‘hide’ the kittens under a bed for ‘safekeeping.’ Its important that momma and her babies are monitored once the kittens are born. Until the kittens are born – we don’t know yet when to expect this – she needs to be able to wander around and interact with people.

A foster home in either Arlington or Fairfax is ideal. It would be helpful if you have experience with pregnant cats or moms with newborns, but this isn’t absolutely necessary. We will provide supplies and oversight.

If you would like to consider fostering Dahlia (and her babies), please fill out the Cat Foster Application.