Update: Tiramisu has been adopted!

TIRAMISU is a sweet little Siamese cat who wants nothing more than some loving in a happy home. As her name implies (a creamy dessert of espresso soaked ladyfingers sweetened by whipped cream), she has a medium length coat like her name – a gorgeous creamy-brown gradient, and adorable white ‘socks’ on her paws. Her coat is as soft as it is pretty. Her meow is cute as can be, and she’s a purring machine, always happy to be around her favorite people.

Tiramisu loves attention, and enjoys getting brushed, or scratched under her chin. If she hears that brush from the other room, she comes running for it! She knows when she wants it, too, and she comes to you with a happy meow to ask for brushing. Once she comes out of her shell, Tiramisu likes to play, and loves to have cardboard scratchers around to get her wiggles out!

Tiramisu is very good at self-regulating her food and likes to graze on dry food. But her favorite meal is wet food. She is a well-behaved girl who doesn’t scratch furniture and prefers to scratch on flat cardboard scratches. Like many cats, she benefits greatly from having a cat tree that includes cardboard to scratch on. She does not hop up on tables or countertops often, but sometimes hops on your desk while you’re working to ask for some affection.

Tiramisu gets along very well with all types of people, only taking a little time to warm up to someone new. She prefers not to be held or carried around; she will get a little squirmy to ask you to put her down. But she is happy to sit or stand on your lap, or nearby, and be petted!

Tiramisu thrives on human attention but needs to be the only pet in your home. No other cats or dogs. We haven’t seen her with kids but she would do fine in a quieter home with an older child or two. She is an incredibly sweet and loyal kitty. She came into our care because she didn’t like living with the other two cats in her home.