Thank you Debbie for fostering Jax short term. We need a longer term foster for Jax by the end of April 2019.

JAX is a very sweet medium-haired grey kitty. He was brought to an emergency vet by his guardian because of a urinary blockage caused by crystals in his urine. This is a very serious condition that can be fatal, especially in male cats, if not caught and treated in time because toxins can build up and damage the kidneys.

Jax’s guardian asked that he be euthanized because she couldn’t provide proper care for him. Two vets at the emergency clinic couldn’t bare the thought of euthanizing a young, sweet and otherwise healthy cat. So they worked tirelessly to avoid having to euthanize him. Jax’s guardian agreed to turn him over to the clinic and then one of the vets reached out to SPCA NOVA for help. We agreed to transfer Jax to our care. He was hospitalized for 5 days to get the treatment he needed to unblock his urinary tract.

Now in a temporary foster home, Jax is on several medications for pain and inflammation to help relax his bladder. He is also on special prescription canned food indefinitely to prevent the formation of crystals in his urine. Cats with this condition can live long healthy lives with careful monitoring and a special diet. SPCA covers all medical costs for cats in our care, including special food.

If you can’t foster Jax longer term, but would like to help us pay for his vet care, please consider being his Guardian Angel.