Thank you Melissa and Ron, and your family, for fostering Panther and Smudge. They will be ready for adoption soon.

PANTHER and SMUDGE are sweet cats who just came into our care. They are getting use to their foster home with a family with teenage girls. We are getting to know their personalities and needs before deciding if they would be happy as a pair. So far, so good.

PANTHER is 7 1/2 years old. He’s a small solid black kitty – only a little over 7 lbs.  He is very friendly and confident. Panther walked right out of the carrier and said hello to his foster family and started exploring and playing with toys. Panther is on a soft food and watered down dry food – he is  missing all of his teeth except for two canines in the front of his mouth. He has no problem eating the right food and is as happy as can be with most of his teeth missing.

SMUDGE is about 8 years old. She is a beautiful calico/tortoiseshell. She’s a friendly girl but was a little more scared when first arriving in her foster home. She hid for the first day or so then decided the coast was clear and it was ok to venture out. Smudge has been seeking out her foster family for petting and seems to enjoy having Panther close by. We think Panther is a good influence on Smudge since Panther is fearless.

These cats came into our care from an older woman who rescued them years ago from the streets. With her health failing, her family asked for our help finding them a home.