Thank you Laura and Kitty for fostering Ella! And thank you Laura for adopting her!

ELLA is a very friendly, confident kitty. She adapts right away to new people and new places…like she’s been there forever.

Ella came from a loving but recently neglectful home. Her caretaker is an older woman who has been in the hospital or rehabilitation for quite some time. The birds and about a dozen cats in her home were being cared for by family members who were doing their best to keep up with the needs of so many animals. But this was hard to do so they reached out for help. The birds are being relocated to an avian rescue organization and SPCA NOVA is working to take some of the cats into our care.

Ella is currently recovering from an upper respiratory infection and needs a dental cleaning. We are also working to slim her down a little bit with a good weight reduction diet. Ella is estimated to be about 8 years old. She came into our care with another cat, Charlie, posted separately.

Once Ella is healthy, she will be posted for adoption.