Thank you Inger for fostering Georgie!

GEORGIE came into our care with a urinary blockage.  If not addressed, this condition is fatal because toxins back up into the cat’s kidneys.  The severity of this condition is worse for males because they block more easily than females.

When Georgie arrived at the vet hospital he was completely blocked.  His kidney values – denoting toxins in his kidneys – were sky high. With immediate intervention – a urinary catheter was inserted, he was placed on antibiotic, pain and bladder-relaxing medications, and given IV fluids. Within 24 hours, Georgie’s condition improved – his kidney values returned to normal.  72 hours later, his catheter was removed and Georgie was able to urinate on his own.

Georgie was in a temporary foster home after being released from the hospital. That foster is now traveling so Georgie is boarding at a vet hospital until we find him a new foster home. Georgie is on bladder-relaxing medication, antibiotics and special food to prevent future blockages.  He will need to stay on this food for life along with an increase in his water intake to prevent future blockages.

Thank you Debbie for caring for Georgie temporarily.