Thank you Bushra and Quasim for fostering and then adopting these sweet boys!

LOKI & THOR are a SUPER sweet pair of brothers who love to be together. When people aren’t around they spend the day cuddling, grooming and playing with each other. When you sit down they both jump right up to snuggle with you. These boys love to knead on soft blankets and both have very loud, wonderful purrs. They must be adopted as a pair.

LOKI has the cutest kitten-like meow that he uses to tell you he wants some love. He loves chasing things like a dog. Loki is quite a bit smaller and shyer than his brother. He will need a little time to settle into a new home with new people.

THOR uses his big, beautiful round eyes to tell you when he wants love, food or to play. He especially loves cats toys and to bat things around. Thor is a big, friendly and outgoing boy who only needs just a couple of days to get use to new people.

These boys need a quiet home without another cat or dog. They would do fine with a family with older kids, with a couple or a single person. They are happy as long as they have loving humans and each other.

These boys were adopted out as kittens to a loving family. They were returned to our care because the other cats in the home started bullying them. These boys deserve a home where other cats aren’t picking on them.