Thank you Bethany for fostering these kitties. Update…they have been adopted!

SALTY AND SAMMY are a fun and interactive pair. It’s hard to believe they are litter mates since they don’t share any physical resemblance. They do, however, share similar personality traits – but love to play with each other and purring in your lap. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

SALTY is part Siamese. She has beautiful Siamese coloring – beige coat with blue eyes and cinder-colored pads of her paws. Salty is a curious kitty who loves to explore her environment. She also loves to cuddle. Salty can be wary when a new person or dog directly approach her, but give her just a few seconds to make the choice and she comes right to you. Typical of her Siamese heritage, Salty likes to “talk.” She meows her “hellos” in the morning and encourages you to fill her bowl when she is hungry.

SAMMY is a good looking orange tabby boy. He purrs on queue and loves to be petted on his head. Sammy boldly lies out in the middle of a floor and waits for you to come to him. Whether a hyper child or a puppy, he waits for the storm to come to him! As a typical boy, he likes to play rough. Sammy is much less curious than his sister, and is a little timid about exploring new places, and on his own terms.

Salty and Sammy do well in different types of homes – they were raised in an active home with kids and a dog, but also do well in a peaceful environment. What they need most is daily love and affection from their human family. They currently live on a separate level of the home than their family because family members have developed more severe allergies. This is the reason SPCA is helping to rehome these wonderful kitties.

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