Thank you Rebecca for fostering Luna!

LUNA is an adorable brown tabby who is lucky someone had been looking out for her.

Luna is a sweet, playful young kitty (about 7 months old). She is very friendly and affectionate with the person who rescued her outdoors. She is, however, not so happy about the other kitty in the home. We are trying to bring Luna into SPCA’s care but need a foster home to care for her first!

We are still getting to know Luna’s personalities and needs. Once she is moved to a foster home where she is the only cat, we will be able to better assess her likes and dislikes. For now, we need a foster home without young children or dogs or other cats.

Luna was a stray kitty being fed outside by a kind man who had spotted her outdoors a few months ago as a kitten. She was wearing a collar at the time so she obviously belonged to someone. However, after months of feeding her, it was clear that Luna didn’t have a home and was trying to survive outdoors. Now safely inside, Luna is getting her vetting done and will be ready for adoption after she is spayed. But first she needs a foster home!

If you would like to foster Luna, please fill out the Cat Foster Application or send an email to