Thank you Rebecca for fostering Ginger!

GINGER is an adorable brown tabby girl who will melt your heart. She is lucky to have been rescued from outdoors before she gave birth to three kittens.

Ginger is very sweet and a little shy. She loves being petted and rolls around for you to get just the right spot. Ginger will need a little time to adopt to a foster home, but once she does we are confident she will blossom. She needs a quiet foster home without dogs or young children. Another cat may be ok as long as the cat is friendly and likes other cats.

Ginger came into our care after being rescued from outdoors by kind sisters who had stumbled upon a colony of cats in a rural part of Northern VA. Some of these cats are friendly and need to find loving indoor homes. They are living on the grounds of a rest stop outdoors. After investigating the situation, Ginger’s rescuers learned that the cats have lived with or been socialized by the employees or truck drivers stopping at the rest stop. They are working with the company that owns the property to get the cats spayed/neutered or rescued and transferred to rescue groups.

When rescued, Ginger was pregnant and gave birth to three kittens in October 2020. The rescuers have found homes for the kittens and have asked for our help finding a home for Ginger.