Thank you Annabelle for fostering Binx and Callie. Update: adopted!

BINX and CALLIE are sweetest, friendliest cats! They settled into their foster home in just a couple of days, checking things out and greeting their foster mom. They are very sweet and attentive toward each other too…like a married couple. They are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.

BINX is a big boy. At 7 years old and 12 pounds, he actually looks bigger than he is with a solid physique and a big head! He has the sweetest temperament. Binx is definitely a lap cat…he loves to sit by your side and partially in your lap…purring.  He likes to be petted and brushed and is content relaxing by your side. Binx is also curious about his surroundings and playful when you give him a ‘kick toy’ to wrestle with or play with him with a feather on a wand.

CALLIE is a sweet girl, too. None of that famous tortoiseshell/calico sassiness. About 5 years younger then Binx at about 2 years old, Callie is a bit more playful than her buddy. She likes to bat toys around and rolls around on the floor with catnip toys. Callie also likes to sit by your side and comes when you call her. We are working to slim down her chubby belly with a healthy diet.

Binx and Callie will do well in a range of different types of homes. What they need most is lots of love, affection and playtime. They would do fine in a home with a single person who is home a lot, with a couple or a family with older kids.

Binx and Callie came into our care from a local shelter. They were brought to the shelter after their elderly caretaker moved into assisted living. Its clear these kitties were loved – they are so affectionate and trusting, even with strangers.