Thank you Tessa for fostering Sammy, and Carolyn for fostering Sabrina.

Their Personalities

Sammy and Sabrina are friendly, adorable kitties. We assume they are siblings. They were fostered together for a couple of weeks when first coming into our care. They did pretty well together, often sleeping next to each other or cuddling up. However, Sammy was sometimes a bit too rambunctious for Sabrina – although she was pregnant at the time so not able to play too hard. They were separated into different foster homes once Sabrina’s kittens were born so she could concentrate on her kittens (now weaned).

Sabrina is bold and friendly right off the bat. She isn’t shy one bit. Sabrina comes right out of a carrier and explores her surroundings, then comes to you for petting. She is a tiny girl with big eyes!

Sammy is a little more reserved initially but warms up to new people and surroundings quickly. He is a gorgeous spotted tabby…and long and lean.

Type of Foster Homes They Need

They need foster homes where they will get plenty of love, affection and playtime.  They would do fine with older kids and would probably be ok with a cat-friendly dog.

Where They Came From

These sweet kitties were abandoned outdoors and rescued by a kind woman who heard Sammy crying/meowing up a storm.  Good boy Sammy for alerting this woman you needed help!