Sammy needs a new foster home end of April 2022. Sabrina needs a foster home end of May 2022.

Their Personalities

Sammy and Sabrina are friendly, adorable kitties. We assume they are siblings.

Sabrina is bold and friendly right off the bat. She isn’t shy one bit. Sabrina comes right out of a carrier and explores her surroundings, then comes to you for petting.

Sammy is a little more reserved and shy – so far. Once he feels safe, he comes to you cautiously for petting. He is a gorgeous spotted tabby…and long and lean.

Type of Foster Homes They Need

Sammy and Sabrina do pretty well together, except Sammy is a bit too rambunctious for Sabrina. And, turns out Sabrina was pregnant when she came into our care.

So these kitties are now in separate foster homes.

–Sammy needs a new foster home by the end of April 2022.

–Sabrina is being cared for in another foster home with her two kittens.  She will need to be separated from her kittens toward the end of May once her kittens are weaned.

Both kitties need plenty of love and affection. Sammy will need a little time to adapt, while Sabrina settles in right away.  No dogs or young children for Sammy.

Where They Came From

These sweet kitties were abandoned outdoors and rescued by a kind woman who heard Sammy crying/meowing up a storm.  Good boy Sammy for alerting this woman you needed help!

Fostering These Kitties

To consider fostering Sammy (end of April) or Sabrina (end of May), send an email to or submit a Cat Foster Application.