Thank you Missy and Jim for fostering the girls. Update…the girls have been adopted!

S’MORES AND SMOKEY are adorable, moderately-active sisters. They like to follow their foster family around and play with any cat toy you have handy. While they enjoy being picked up when they are in the mood, they are just as eager to get down and explore/play. They get along fabulously with the child in their foster home and her friends. S’Mores and Smokey make a good pair and need to be adopted together.

S’MORES (black/white/orange medium-haired calico) is a sweet little girl who has an independent streak. She enjoys doing her own thing and joining her sisters and foster family when it suits her. She likes to play, but isn’t the bravest of explorers and takes her time getting to know people, places and things gradually. She is timid around loud noises and quick movements, although she should gain more confidence over time. S’mores won’t shy away from a good tumble with her sisters though, and she asks for attention from her foster family once she sees her sisters getting attention. We think she will do better once in a home with just one sister, Smokey, rather than both of her sisters in their current foster home.

SMOKEY (light gray/white tabby, short-haired) is such a lovable and sweet girl. She was initially much smaller and shyer than her sisters, but she has caught up to them in size and developed a lot of confidence. She is now always ready to join the action – whatever that might be! Smokey loves to play and almost always stays close to her sisters. She loves toys that move and make noise and likes to chase after them. She is such a sweetheart!

Because S’mores is timid, the girls need a quiet home that will give the girls time to settle in at their own pace. An adult home would be ideal for the girls, although an older child who is gentle and use to being around cats and kittens would be fine as well. No young children or babies down the road. S’mores and Smokey came into SPCA’s care along with her mom, Juliette, and 3 other siblings (Ashes and Cookie/Whistle – posted separately).