Thank you Jaran for fostering and then adopting the girls!

APPA and SASSY are big fluffy Ragdoll sisters who are looking for a new life. They are very sweet girls who both like belly rubs and being brushed. We are currently evaluating whether they would be happier together or in separate homes. Either way, there needs to be no other pets in their home or homes. These girls have different personalities so they need different types of home.

APPA (creme colored) is the ‘queen’ of her domain. She is a confident kitty who roams her domain with ease and likes to be in charge. Appa is playful and good at entertaining herself with toys. She needs a home without young children now or in the future. Appa doesn’t have time for kids who want to pick her up and mess up her beautiful coat! She looks like a big cat but only weighs about 10 lbs. Her big fluffy coat makes her look much bigger. Appa needs to be the only pet in her forever home, although we are currently evaluating whether she would do ok in a home with her sister, Sassy.

SASSY (creme colored with dark brown face, ears and legs) is true to her Ragdoll genes. Like her sister, Appa, she looks bigger than she is with her big fluffy coat. She is bigger than Appa, weighing a little over 11 lbs. Sassy does great with older kids. She loves being picked up and carried around and cuddling with kids at night. Sassy does not, however, like being in a carrier or in car rides so she needs a home where she is not expected to travel frequently

These sisters have only been in our care a very short period of time. They are currently in a foster home together. We are evaluating their personalities and needs. They came from a home initially where they were kept in one room for about a year due to allergies in the home. A kind woman who worked at a shelter adopted them when they were surrendered to the shelter, but they didn’t do well in her home with other cats and dogs, and Appa didn’t like being around young children.

These girls are very sweet and settled easily after about 24 hours in their foster home. This is amazing given the disruptions to their lives. We will update this write up once we know more about what they need. In the meantime, we are happy to respond to inquiries to potentially adopt them.