Thank you Joao for fostering Ripley!

Ripley’s Personality

Ripley is a cute tuxedo cat with a strong, but very friendly personality. She is an outgoing, curious girl. Ripley loves people, even visitors. She not only greets you at the door, but she’s happy to greet your visitors as well. Ripley immediately starts exploring a new environment…walking around, checking things out, and making sure everything is to her liking. Its best to leave her alone for a while so she can finish her inspection. She will let you know when she is ready to turn her attention to you!

Ripley loves head scratches and being petted. She also likes looking out the window watching the world go by. She even acts a bit like a guard cat – she growls at things that might disrupt her day such as a passing truck!

Ripley has just completed her motherhood – having reared and weaned a litter of three kittens (Nutmeg, Pippin, and Oliver – posted very soon). She was a very good, attentive mom. Now that Ripley is no longer busy being a mom, she’s starting to return to playing and having fun.

What Type of Home Ripley Needs

Ripley needs a home as the only pet. She is strong willed and likes to be in charge of her domain. She would do best in an adult-only home, or a home with an older cat-savvy child would be fine. No babies or young children down the road. Because Ripley is a social girl, she needs a home where people are around. She doesn’t need constant attention but she does like to hang out with people, have plenty of toys to play with and some interactive play time with her humans.

Where Ripley Came From

Ripley had been abandoned at an apartment building and was being fed by a kind man. He had already taken in another abandoned cat and integrated him with his resident cat. So adding a third cat wasn’t in the picture…especially a girl like Ripley who was expecting a little family of her own!