Thank you Debbie for caring for Smokey!

SMOKEY is one of the lucky ones – one of the many stray cats wandering the streets looking for a food, a home and some love. Smokey is lucky ones because he has been rescued.

Smokey showed up at the home of a kind woman who care for a colony of feral cats on her property. She noticed immediately that Smokey was different – he’s friendly! Skinny and hungry, she started feeding him. Then noticed he had a hard time eating and swallowing his food, and  kept his mouth partially opened.

Knowing Smokey needed help, she contacted several rescue organizations until SPCA NOVA agreed to take him into our care. Our vet determined he was malnourished, slightly anemic and had severe dental disease. She referred Smokey to a veterinary dentist/oral surgeon who indicated that all 30 teeth needed to be extracted due to gingivitis, stomatitis and bone loss in his lower jaw. While the surgery sounded drastic, once Smokey healed from the surgery, he was expected to be just fine. Cats do just fine on a wet food only diet.

Smokey’s gums/mouth have healed. Once he puts on a little weight, he will be ready for adoption! Smokey is the sweetest cat – he loves to be petted and having his belly rubbed. He will make a lucky person a wonderful companion.

You can ready more about Smokey in his Stray Cat Rescued from the Streets story.

Thank you Janet for being Smokey’s Guardian Angel. And, a big thanks to everyone who donated for Smokey, and two dogs named Dax and Poppy, as part of our Giving Tuesday 2020 campaign.