Thank you Emily for fostering Charlie! Update: Adopted!

CHARLIE is a fluffy boy with a very soft coat. He’s a very friendly boy who is very affectionate. Charlie is still adjusting to his new foster home and we are learning more about him each day.

Charlie came from a loving, but recently neglectful home. His caretaker is an older woman who has been in the hospital or rehabilitation for quite some time. The birds and about a dozen cats in her home were being cared for by family members who were doing their best to keep up with the needs of so many animals. But this was hard to do so they reached out for help. The birds are being rehomed or relocated to an avian rescue organization and SPCA NOVA is helping by taking some of the cats into our care.

We are told that Charlie loved to spend time in his caretaker’s lap. He apparently did fine with most of the cats in his home, but one male cat in particular liked to pick on him. So we aren’t sure yet long term whether Charlie should be an only cat or paired up with a female cat, such as Ella, who came from the same home. He has gotten very attached to his foster mom quickly and needs a home with someone who is around a lot…working from home or retired.

Charlie is currently being treated for upper respiratory and ear infections. He also needs a dental once he is a healthy boy again. He looks bigger than he is with his fluffy coat. He weighs a healthy 12 pounds which our vet says is a good weight for him.

Charlie will be posted for adoption once he’s healthy and we get to know his personality a little better so we know what he needs.