Update: Amber and Duncan have been adopted!

Amber and Duncan are 5 year old siblings whose caretaker recently passed away. Duncan is a handsome long haired black kitty; his sister, Amber, is a long haired tortoiseshell.

These cats are amazingly friendly. They approach strangers with ease…wanting nothing more than a little love and affection. They love to be petted and to hang out with people.

These kitties are also special needs – they both have a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). This is caused when a pregnant cat gets a distemper vaccination or has panleukopenia – some or all of her offspring may have this condition. Cats can do amazingly well while having this condition because they learn how to compensate overtime. Both kitties are wobbly when they walk and sometimes fall down. But this doesn’t deter them from loving life. When they are sitting or lying down, you wouldn’t even know they have this condition. They use their litter boxes.

To make life easier for them, its best if their foster or forever home has carpeting and if they don’t have to navigate stairs – although their current home has both carpeted and hardwood floor and has stairs that are carpeted and hardwood.