Thank you Michelle for fostering Bear!

Bear’s Personality

Bear is a big grey kitty who is a teddy bear. He loves getting and giving attention to his caretakers.

Type of Foster Home Bear Needs

Bear needs a foster home where he will get plenty of attention. He doesn’t necessarily need to be ‘entertained’ but he likes to be around people. He’s also a snuggler and needs to be able to climb into your lap and sleep in your bed, if he chooses, at night. Bear needs to either be the only kitty in the home, or with a friendly but submissive male cat.

Where Bear Came From

Bear was born in his caretaker’s home along with his sisters, Rocket and Mimi. His caretakers had taken in a stray cat. This home is busy taking care of a large cat colony that has formed on their property. So we are helping to rehome some of their indoor cats so they can focus on helping the outdoor cats.

Fostering Bear

If you would like to foster Bear, please send an email to or fill out the Cat Foster Application.