Thank you Ash and Tessa for fostering Chatty Cathy! Update: She has been adopted!

CHATTY CATHY is a very sweet, affectionate cat. She is a petite girl who loves being petted and getting head rubs. Cathy adapts to new people and new environments right away. She is also good with older kids.

As you can imagine by her name, Cathy is a very chatty girl. Someone named her after the 1950s – 1960s doll named ‘Chatty Cathy.’ She likes to let you know what’s on her mind and engages in conversations with you. Cathy is also playful and especially likes playing with strings and feather wands.

Cathy was adopted from a shelter by a young  man who then moved and wasn’t able to keep her in his new home.  She lived with this young man and a roommate with another cat for about 2 months. She is good with other cats after a little time to get use to them.

We would like to take this sweet girl into our care…but need a foster home to care for her.