POE and TATE are sweet, loving kittens who have had a very rough start in life. But you would never know that by their sweet dispositions and resilient personalities.

Like other kittens, they love to eat, play and, when they are tired, snuggle in their foster mom’s lap.

These siblings came into our care from a shelter that had limited resources to help these kittens. They arrived with severe upper respiratory infections, including infections in their eyes. Both kittens have severely damaged eyes from ulcers caused by infection. Poe is expected to need one eye removed, but his other eye is great. Sadly, Tate has ulcers and other issues with both eyes.  She has had one eye removed and we are hoping the other eye with some vision will remain stable and not need to be removed. Right now, even with limited vision, she does amazingly well.

These kittens are receiving ongoing care…trips to the vet, multiple medications and will have surgeries in the future.

Thank you Debbie and Janet for being their Guardian Angel! And to Poornima too – in honor of your kitty, Daisy.